09.12.15  When I began this journey last year, I was so curious to see what would happen.  I knew my commercial printing days were well behind me!  No more custom weddings or mitzvahs or long nights struggling over color or registration!  But where do you start when it's time to start again?  

I am forever bursting with curiosity...almost to a fault.
I have always been that way.  Funny when you realize how little you change.  Love watching my kids, all the while taking mental notes on their likes and dislikes or what they seem to naturally gravitate towards or for that matter, what they run away from!  What will follow them into adulthood?

Well my insatiable curiosity keeps me busy.  However, the challenge then becomes settling into something...really digging my teeth into something for long enough to actually get the hang of it.  This curiosity definitely makes me a little schizophrenic at times but instead of fighting it, I've decided to go with it and see what actually happens when for once I get out of my own way.

There are surely certain mediums that are particularly delicious.  Paint is one of them.  It's been a long time since I've painted.  (I don't really count my painting class last year that ended in tears.)  There is a very specific quality of painting that I respond to.  It is obvious in my 400+ pins on Pinterest that I love abstracts. Love.  But not all abstracts are pin-worthy.  The choice of color, choice of marks, quality of stroke...all come together creating a beautiful delicious balance.  I am incredibly fascinated by them.  How does the artist do it?  What made them make this mark and place it right here?  Did they know it would create this beautiful tension?  And that little touch of color peeking through from layers below.  Was that planned?  And this bold gorgeous dry brush mark that clearly had only one chance to look that good!  They seem so simple, so random and spontaneious, yet perfectly placed.  The very fact that you can create whatever mark you want, wherever you want it, makes every mark sort of count!  I don't think it's possible to know exactly what you want your piece to look like beforehand.  A mark is made.  Based on that mark, another mark is made.  And so this goes on.  In the end, each choice is made based on the one before it, somehow culminating into one piece incorporating both choice and chance.