01.05.15  So here I am again.  Facing that crossroad.  How nice to see it again!  However, unlike other times here, I am not completely confused.  I believe we are all meant to pursue many things in our lifetime.  A lifetime is an awfully long time.  

So here I am again.  Now it's time for me to come face to face with my many loves and see who is the best fit.  Maybe none will be.  Maybe all will be.  Maybe it is a marriage of all the many crazy things I love to do.  How liberating.  I don't have to decide.

This time it's not, "What do I do now?".  It's "What do I do first?"  

I have an insatiable curiosity.  I always have.  I must make things.  I have finally learned that it doesn't really matter what I make.  I just have to make something.  I see it so clearly now.  

Make something and be happy.  Yeah, that's it.

And so my journey begins...