Pushing myself outside my comfort zone is the next step for me to really grow as a painter.  So I decided to develop a simple, stress-free 7 week exercise program to help me flex some new muscles and build my creative repertoire.

If anyone would like to join me, please do!  I’d love the company!  It’s so easy!  Here’s the deal:

Each week is a new prompt based on the 7 basic Elements of Design:  Line, Shape, Form, Color, Texture, Space and Value. During that week we are free to experiment in whatever form or medium we like using the Principles of Design as inspiration:  Pattern, Contrast, Emphasis, Balance, Proportion, Harmony and Rhythm. Other inspiration can come from a variety of subject matter such as Landscape, Figure, Still life, Nature, Object, Typography. There is so much room for play, making this a pressure-free and completely flexible and customizable exercise that can be tailored to any style or creative goal.

I’ll start each element’s week with its definition, description and some artist inspiration.  And then off we go. No pressure to do daily prompts which inevitably adds so much pressure missing even one day, that I end up just bailing out altogether!! Not here! Each element gets to bask in the glory of its very own week where we can explore whatever it is that interests us, while keeping that element in mind all week long. That’s really it! I don’t like too many rules, just some simple loose guidelines. I know that this type of exercise will work well for me and hope it might for you too!

My personal goal is to develop my skills as an abstract artist and continue exploring and building my graphic language.

What would your goal be? .

Exploring the Elements starts Monday January 28th.

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