09.17.17  My summer's are spent on a wonderfully magical place on the south shore of Long Island, New York called Fire Island.  This is a sweet little barrier island less than a mile wide and 32 miles long, lined with wonderful little communities, each different than the next.  And the best cars.  It's a world of ferries and bikes and little red wagons, beautiful beaches and spectacular sunsets.  It is an incredibly special place.  

But despite how lucky I feel to be here, there is not THAT much to do.  So I went into this summer with some lofty art goals for myself.  I wanted to do alot of painting...plein air painting in particular. Well the heat of summer and blazing sun,  (paired with the obvious needs of my children)  made this goal more difficult than i had expected.  Bottom line was to reach a new  comfort level in this medium that seems to be quite insistent in my life.  I do think I achieved that.  I would often start painting late at night.   "Just a few minutes!" I'd promise myself as I am lured to my art supplies on my way to bed.  This would often melt into multiple hours of play.  I would steal time here and there, particularly cherishing the overcast days.  I studied shape and value, form and color.  Always trying to abstract and simplify.  Some moments were better than others, but I could see and feel my progress.  I could feel the confidence in my strokes.  I enjoy the process now more than ever.  And I can face a blank page, maybe not with total abandon, but at least with excitement.  For the first time, I am starting to understand this process.  There is nothing life or death here.  There is nothing that cannot be fixed or adjusted or scrapped for that matter.  This is all one big experiment with a healthy dose of fun.