05.15.15  I have made a conscious effort to avoid printmaking during the early stages of this journey of mine.  

Me and my presses have already spent a good many years together ... whether I was printing wedding invitations for others, creating art for myself (a rare occasion) or introducing my children to the world of printmaking.  With little time left in my day to actually explore the handfuls of other mediums that pique my endless curiosity, I knew I needed to give them a little attention now before they ended up back on the back-burner.  I had a feeling that once I opened the door to printmaking again,  they may never have a chance.  I believe my instincts were right.

I came across some old monotype prints I had made some time back and knew I could not hold off any longer.  Not to mention my beautiful presses sitting there so lonely and all my inks calling my name...the floodgates are now open and I am in heaven!  

I refer to this new beloved technique as Press Painting.  Quite fitting I think.  I use wood based magnesium plates from Owosso Graphic Arts.  I apply either rubber, oil or etching ink, layer by layer with a brayer, pulling a print each time.  Slowly, slowly, the painting takes shape.  The layers of ink are so sheer that it takes countless runs to develop its depth.  I get so lost in the process, I have no idea how many times the paper actually passes through the press.  I guess it doesn't really matter, does it?  All I know is that I could do this all day long!